Focus on your core strengths to win more business and increase profitability

e-Emphasys offers world-class Managed Services with comprehensive support for mission-critical systems, databases and applications. Our end-to-end Managed Service solutions help you to focus on your core strengths and strategic initiatives to give you a sustainable competitive edge. Our unique delivery model ensures complete commitment and ownership from our experts for your specific business environment. Our experts work as virtual members of your IT and business operations teams providing quality service.

TRUESOURCE Managed Services Model

A Tailored Solution and Approach

e-Emphasys’ TRUESOURCE Methodology promotes a standardized, but tailored approach for executing ERP production support engagements.

TRUESOURCE allows business processes to be integrated such that it allows not only servicing of those entities from a centralized location, but also helps process common transactions for a set of diverse clients operating in different industry sectors across different global time zones and cultures.

The result is a highly flexible, adaptive and responsive service centre that is focused on delivering and satisfying its customer’s needs.


Why Managed Services?

Reduce or Control Operating Costs
Helps to substantially reduce and control operating costs.
Gain Access to World-Class Capabilities
Exposes the organization to new technology, tools and techniques in addition to providing structured methodologies, procedures and documentation.
Accelerate Reengineering Benefits
Allows an organization to realize the benefits of reengineering using our expertise that is based on world-class standards/process.
Share Risks
Companies availing Managed Services become more flexible, dynamic and adaptable to changing opportunities.
Redirect IS Resources to more Strategic Activities
Redirects IS resources from non-core activities towards customer-centric activities.


Delivering a TRUE Partnership

  • Assists clients with software package selection, evaluation and installation of commonly used ERP packages.
  • Provides customizations including custom software development and enhancements across packages and platforms.
  • Builds Interface development across various internal and external systems, Web-based applications for customer service, self-service and EAI type initiatives.
  • Provides Business application and production support, packaged application hosting, system administration and system architecture management services.
  • Provides Release management and migration services.

TRUESOURCE Differentiators

Have pride in what we do

Complete ownership
Our team takes collective ownership of specifications along with your product management group.
Our team takes pride in its work and accomplishments. This drives innovation and long-term commitment from the team.
Work with changing specifications.
Our teams have high tolerance for ambiguities in software product definitions. We strive to build flexible architectures that can accommodate changes in definition.
Product Specific Process
Our processes are tailored for end-to-end product life cycle management. Our driving mantra is “Predictable quality on a predictable date”.
Smart People
We hire extremely talented people by adopting a rigorous screening process. We believe in hiring product developers, not programmers.