e-Emphasys industry solutions helps to achieve vertical growth with a unified approach to delivering unique solutions and fulfilling user experiences at every point of contact. Using Design Thinking as the foundation and agility as the superstructure, we help you enhance your business while getting you to market faster.From elemental responsive design to renewing user experience, we assist you at every step of your journey. We are able to deliver faster, better, cost efficient, and enhanced user experiences in valid business scenarios.


New strategies with a renewed approach

The Manufacturing Industry needs to not only take care of quality and numbers but has to also adapt to the digital age of technology and information.
Using cross-platform compatibility and collaboration, e-Emphasys helps you to reach out to a wider client base and connect effectively with customers. Using Digital technology we make the best use of analytics to improve our engagements.
Our key areas of strategies for renewal and improvement using Next Generation AMS help reduce costs and improve productivity.

Healthcare – Life Sciences

Redefining Processes

Massive changes in Health Science Business dramatically impacts healthcare and life sciences organizations. To adapt to this dynamic environment, organizations must quickly respond to changes in market conditions, customer requirements, and government and industry regulations.

Backed by commercial experience and delivery excellence, our offerings revolve around four key focus areas: healthcare reform and mandates, consumer engagement, insights-driven decision-making, and operations and cost enhancement.

Logistics & Distribution

Digital Technology provides better visibility of logistics operations, which are spread across the entire supply chain. Digitization has renewed automation in the maintenance and testing of legacy applications thus reducing the cost.

Reduction in operation costs, increase in speed, improved efficiency and transparency, and better collaboration and integration across the entire supply chain ecosystem provide dramatic business benefits.

High Tech

Renewing the user experience

The digital revolution has impacted the high-tech industry where users are demanding more, better, for less and in far shorter timeline. The Product and solution providers have reinvented themselves to deliver new strategies and customer value. e-Emphasys uses Design Thinking as the foundation and agility as the super structure, we can enhance your business while getting you to market faster.

Leveraging Open Source Systems for content management, Enterprise Service Bus, and e-commerce, we deliver faster, better, cost efficient, and enhanced user experiences that can be integrated with touch and mobile devices.


Renewed excellence with new technologies

The Automotive industry has been taken by storm with the disruption caused by digital technologies due to which the need for reinventing businesses and retain market share has never been greater.

Today’s automotive industry has to be inclusive of the available leverages while being exclusive in terms of its offerings. First generation outsourcing needs to evolve to the next generation of managed services.

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