When workloads are high and deadlines tight, turn to a partner you can rely on

e-Emphasys provides full life cycle services and support around Baan/Infor ERP LN with a goal of extending system capabilities that allow organizations to do more with less. By extracting more value out of existing investments and leveraging new features and functionality that gain the greatest returns, organizations benefit with business transparency. Our processes and methodologies work in tandem to leverage Baan/Infor ERP LN for profitable growth and offer a shift towards enhancing enterprise performance.

Baan/Infor ERP LN

Development and Customization

Enterprises today operate in circumstances and situations that do not always conform to standards of their Industrial segment. It becomes imperative for some enterprises to change their software to help them manage their operations effectively.

How e-Emphasys helps you.
e-Emphasys not just creates software codes to meet your business requirements but also ensures careful planning, execution and gathers sound knowledge of the software.

Our large pool of ERP Functional and Technical Consultants have designed a comprehensive development methodology to ensure timely deliverables of high quality solutions.

Cost benefits from our offshore development services can exceed by 50%, when compared to similar project executions on site.

Baan/Infor ERP LN

Performance Tuning

e-Emphasys has acquired leadership position with its exceptional skills in performance improvements for Baan customers. Combining ready-to-use tools with a customer-specific strategy designed for unique requirements. Performing system audits and system assessments that open up root causes of problems.

e-Emphasys also helps in designing and implementing archival strategies that improve performance, integrate data warehouse and satisfy document retention legal requirements.

Baan/Infor ERP LN

Application Integration

It is typical for companies to run legacy applications and databases such as Human Resource Management (HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Expense Management Systems that may support one or more of the company’s operations, in conjunction with their existing ERP systems.

How e-Emphasys helps you
e-Emphasys helps develop and support a variety of application and data

integration needs on Baan and Infor LN platforms extending its expertise in developing standard adapters and generic automated data collection solutions to integrate various SaaS and On-premise applications.

We manage this by leveraging our strategic partnership with Infor, and deep expertise in Infor’s integration technology – Intelligent Open Network (ION).

Baan/Infor ERP LN

Data Archival Services

An organization’s growth and increase in the need for integration of their existing systems with ERP systems, ERP data burgeons over the years. It becomes imperative to archive the data on defined time periods to optimize underlying database performance while ensuring that data security and easy accessibility.

Most ERP systems that offer out-of-the- box archiving tools to do so from a technology standpoint, as security and strategic storage in archiving could optimize the ERP systems’ functionality.

How e-Emphasys helps you
Our automated data archival strategies to move data between various tiers of the data archival stack, within the database management systems are derived out of careful study of the:

  • Database in question and analysis tools that come with the database
  • ERP tool sets for archiving and developing custom-archiving mechanisms over these layers

Baan/Infor ERP LN

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy being an essential directive for any organization, mandates IT to work with business in the development of such a strategy. Disaster Recovery Planning may be developed within an organization or purchased as a software application or a service which typically involves analysis of business processes and continuity needs that put a significant focus on disaster prevention.

How e-Emphasys helps you
We help develop a Business Impact Analysis plan and a Disaster Recovery proposal to gain support from the organization’s top management. We employ IT recovery best practices and expertise to offer services that help take preventive measures in securing data on a pre-determined basis as part of the BCDR execution plan.


e-Emphasys’ Professional and Training Services offer a team of service professionals, business and technical consultants to plan, implement, manage, and support your IT products and solutions.

Key areas where we provide training:

  • ERP Technical and Functional Modules
  • Integrations and Middleware
  • System Administration and Database Administration
  • Business Analytics and Data Warehousing

Benefits of our training:

  • Greater geographical reach
  • Increased Technical Competency and employee productivity
  • Cost Efficiency